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Case Study: NPI Solutions Complex Electro-Mechanical Assemblies for Diverse Industries

Case Study: NPI Solutions Serves Diverse Industry Needs for Complex Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Industry: Automotive, IoT, Marine Research

The Challenge

For many tech-forward companies, bringing unique or complex product visions into tangible realities requires an outside provider’s relevant expertise and capabilities. For NPI Solutions, this necessity is particularly evident when it pertains to the development and organization of the various complex electro-mechanical assemblies that have become essential to the advancement of a multitude of industries. Since its inception in 2000, NPI Solutions has solidified its role and reputation as a premier provider of contracted design, manufacturing, and technical services. We offer customers a refined specialization in complex electro-mechanical assemblies, cables, harnesses, and other high-tech equipment for globally relevant industries with four separate facilities in California, Mexico, Singapore, and China. 

Inside facility view of NPI technicians
Inside facility view of NPI technicians

One of the most significant challenges faced by these tech-centric industries is finding an optimized design for condensing elaborate wiring and technology configurations into a single, cohesive unit or box build. In many cases, this can be referred to as a complex electro-mechanical assembly. While this case study does not focus on a singular client, it aims to discuss the broad spectrum of industries that encounter spatial limitations and how our experienced team develops complex electro-mechanical assemblies to address their unique requirements. These industries demand a final product capable of meeting increasingly stringent or complicated functionality requirements and also exhibits easy-to-use or repair design characteristics.

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(NPI Solutions maintains non-disclosure agreements with all clients. As a result certain specifics—such as client names, confidential project data, and detailed use case information—are omitted from this case study.)

Challenges of Each Industry:

  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturing: Automotive manufacturers, specifically those manufacturing complex EV models, face the immense challenge of streamlining the wiring and sensors required into a singular electro-mechanical assembly. This involves integrating numerous electrical components into a compact and efficient design to improve vehicle performance and provide reliable data communication between EV systems during operation.
  • IoT (Internet of Things): In the IoT sector, the challenge lies in devising an optimal configuration that brings together multiple individual components into a unified electro-mechanical assembly. This assembly must be capable of seamless communication and operation, ensuring that the connected devices function as an integrated whole.
  • Marine Research Technology: Marine environments present unique challenges such as exposure to harsh weather conditions and corrosive elements. The task here is to design durable yet functional complex electro-mechanical assemblies that facilitate the consistent communication of real-time information.

The Solution

The solution for each of these industries facing spatial and organizational challenges is for us to develop a cohesive design layout that efficiently houses the required electro-mechanical assemblies. Leading companies in these sectors have repeatedly approached NPI Solutions with this set of challenges, relying on their experienced design engineers to craft ideal solutions. These answers require innovative design principles that properly utilize space while maintaining the functionality of the assemblies.

Automotive Industry & EV Manufacturing

For standard and electric vehicle manufacturers the demand for compact and efficient wiring and sensor integration is paramount, especially in  EVs. In some cases, a single electric vehicle can require several thousand feet of wiring to reach each independent system. We have worked with leading auto manufacturers to address space limitations by:

  • Developing Custom Harnesses: Our engineers have tremendous experience designing custom wiring harnesses that fit perfectly within the limited space of EVs. This immaculate organization of components into a central complex electro-mechanical assembly ensures reliable connections and easier maintenance.
  • Thermal Management: Implementing thermal management solutions to prevent overheating of closely packed components, enhancing the longevity and safety of the assemblies during continuous operation.
  • Testing and Validation: Conduct rigorous testing to ensure that the electro-mechanical assemblies meet the automotive standards for durability, reliability, and performance.
Complex assemblies for thermal management
Complex assemblies for thermal management

IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT sector, or the Internet of Things, revolves around integrating various sensors, software, and other technologies into a cohesive network. The primary challenge in IoT applications is finding an optimal configuration for several individual components into a cohesive electro-mechanical assembly. NPI Solutions tackles this by:

  • Modular Design: We employ modular design principles to create flexible and scalable assemblies that can be easily adapted to different IoT applications. Not only will our team of engineers ensure the finished assembly addresses all project requirements, but we design for manufacturing and create a product that can be replicated and assembled with ease.
  • Power Management: The integration of efficient power management systems is crucial to maintaining power supply to all components without impacting performance or wasting precious space.
  • Organization & Condensing: With space at a premium in IoT devices, NPI Solutions works diligently to organize complex wiring and technological devices in such a way that the overall device size decreases. Our technical expertise can help transform a bulky configuration into a small streamlined unit that offers improved performance and design aesthetics. 
Completely developed wire harness
Completely developed wire harness

Marine Technology

The unique environmental challenges presented by our marine technology customers demanded functional compact assemblies capable of real-time communication. This project pushed our engineers to find new strategies for complex electro-mechanical assemblies and to think outside the box. We addressed the concerns of this client by applying the following:

  • Environmental Sealing: We designed assemblies with comprehensive environmental sealing to help protect the technological assemblies against moisture, salt, and other corrosive elements typically found in marine environments.
  • Real-Time Communication: Incorporating the necessary advanced communication modules into a singular device ensured reliable real-time data transmission for the client. With numerous motion and vision detection systems involved, it was crucial to condense the abundant technology into a complex electro-mechanical assembly.
  • Maintenance-Friendly Designs: Our team placed a concentrated effort on a design that facilitated easy maintenance and repairs in the field without needing advanced technological knowledge or equipment. This strategy also helped reduce downtime and operational costs for off-shore marine environment researchers.
Validation testing of complex cable harnesses
Validation testing of complex cable harnesses

The Results

The results of NPI Solutions’ integration of space-saving designs and configurations for complex electro-mechanical assemblies have been remarkably impactful across the various industries highlighted in this case study. Each industry has observed significant improvements in both the functionality and design of their assemblies as well as simplified repair. Through the development and implementation of these innovative solutions, NPI Solutions has demonstrated its ability to address unique spatial limitation challenges and deliver impressive results, solidifying its status as a trusted manufacturer of complex electro-mechanical assemblies for countless industries. 

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