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 ISO 13485 Certified Cable Assembly and Custom Wire Harness Manufacturing for the semiconductor, medical device, and robotics industries.

Custom Cables for Light Duty Mechanical Assemblies

NPI Solutions is an ISO 9001/13485 certified contract manufacturing company specializing in custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses with over 20 years of experience developing complex ideas into finished products. Throughout our history, NPI has developed solutions that improve the efficiency and operation of semiconductor manufacturers, medical device makers, robotic OEMs, aerospace companies, the automotive industry, and more. NPI Solutions has a proven track record of designing and manufacturing intricate cable assemblies and is open to projects of all sizes. Contact our team at any time to get started with a quote or to receive more information on our available services.

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Complex Discrete Wire Harnesses for Semiconductor Manufacturers, Robotics, and Medical Equipment

NPI Solutions is widely regarded as an industry leader in the manufacture and implementation of discrete wire harnesses. Our engineers can take your custom wire harness from idea to completion or work from supplied drawings. We have developed harnesses according to customer specifications to reliably provide or distribute power through robotic systems, medical devices, automobiles, semiconductor assemblies, and countless other final products. In addition to this flexibility, we can visit your Silicon Valley-based facility if you need a complex discrete wire harness manufactured for equipment that is subject to privacy protection.

ISO 13485 Certified Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Manufacturing for Medical Devices

NPI Solutions is ISO-13485 certified [LINK TO QUALITY PAGE] to serve the unique needs of the medical device industry. As safety and quality are non-negotiable qualities for the medical field, ISO-13485 provides a valuable quality-based framework for manufacturers to follow when developing cable assemblies and wire harnesses. NPI Solutions engineers and technicians follow this rigid Quality Management System throughout the production process. Ultimately, following ISO-13485 guidelines results in high-quality medical device cable assemblies and wire harnesses that our customers can trust to perform exactly as intended. 

Designing and Assembling Cables and Wire Harnesses in a Variety of Styles

Medical device manufacturers, robotics companies, and businesses in the semiconductor industry have diverse needs when it comes to cable styles and wire harness design. NPI Solutions implements various cable types into our assemblies that are suitable for a range of terminations. These available cable styles include:

  • Coax cables
  • Twinax Cables
  • Triax Cable
  • Multi-Conductor Jacketed Cables

As a custom cable harness manufacturer, NPI Solutions has experience working with:

  • Power Cable Assemblies
  • Flat Cable Assemblies

The right style of cable will ultimately depend on several factors, including conductivity requirements, EMI risk, oxidation and corrosion concerns, and material strength needs. Regardless of whether flat or power cables are the right fit for your product or equipment, we can manufacture a custom harness to efficiently organize the assembly. At NPI Solutions, we are confident that our extensive experience as a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer can assist you, no matter the industry, complexity, or stage your project is in. Contact us today to discuss your cable and harness needs and learn how we can provide you with a cost-effective and high-quality solution.