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Immediate Repair, Refurbishment, and Upgrade Services for Industrial Electro-mechanical Components

NPI Solutions provides customers with 24/7 emergency repair and refurbishment service for industrial electro-mechanical components. Experienced NPI Solutions technicians or engineers are available via phone or email whenever urgent needs arise at your facility. Whether you are looking to upgrade existing components or need advanced troubleshooting to diagnose ongoing challenges, we are here to assist. When your project requires the privacy afforded by on-site manufacturing or engineering assistance, NPI Solutions has an experienced staff you can trust to get the job done.


To request immediate on-site repair or refurbishment service, please contact NPI directly for pricing and availability, you can get in touch with us by calling 408-944-9178 or by sending us an e-mail through our contact us page or directly to info@npisolutions.com.

Situations Necessitating Urgent On-Site Support from NPI Technicians or Engineers

NPI Solutions understands that situations arise at any time that impact the overall efficiency of your company. That is why we have experienced technicians and engineers available for immediate on-site visits to address any urgent concerns or complications. In many instances, the cables, harnesses, and other mechanical assemblies cannot be safely shipped to NPI facilities and require hands-on service.


The most frequent occurrence that necessitates immediate attention is upgrading existing equipment or electro-mechanical components. With change ever-present in the industrial world, it is essential to continually upgrade components to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency and deliver the results you need. Not only will NPI technicians and engineers diagnose and fix existing problems, but we will also build all the necessary technical product documentation (TPD) of the process to ensure your team is prepared the next time difficulties arise. Any upgraded equipment will also receive substantial and clearly outlined procedural documentation from our technicians and engineers.

Typical Electro-Mechanical Components Requiring Urgent Service

NPI Solutions offers dedicated on-site service to address concerns for NPI products as well as other manufactured components. Our extensive industry experience allows us to repair and upgrade any electro-mechanical component present in your facility. NPI engineers will often evaluate the issues and determine an appropriate action plan for our technicians who perform the hands-on upgrade or repair work. Depending on the nature of the request, NPI will send technicians or engineers independently or in tandem to quickly develop and implement the correct upgrade.


Typical electro-mechanical components requiring urgent service, repairs, or upgrades are below:


  • Cables & Harnesses: Our technicians and engineers can repair, refurbish, or upgrade a wide variety of cables and harnesses. These include but are not limited to, coax, twinax, triax cables, complex wire harnesses, multi-conductor jacketed cables, and both power and flat cable assemblies.

Mechanical Assemblies: Mechanical assemblies refer to a broad category of assemblies or sub-assemblies that work together for a specific function. Many assemblies have complex configurations and delicate components that require skilled technicians. Common examples of mechanical assemblies that could demand urgent service or attention are electrical panels, mounting assemblies, power supplies, transformers, as well as switch and sensor installations.

Examples of On-Site Engineering Assistance

While urgent needs for technicians are often clear, on-site engineering assistance has a more broad-reaching set of possibilities. Ultimately, the goal with any on-site visit from NPI engineers is to effectively collaborate and communicate with customers to develop optimized electro-mechanical components and solutions. Engineers are focused on providing drastic improvements with the support of technical product documentation that outlines all technical aspects of potential upgrades or repairs.


NPI engineers can help assist with designing new products and upgrading existing equipment at any phase of the project. We approach all requests for engineering assistance with NPI Solutions’ core values in mind and apply each of these when developing a suitable repair, upgrade solution, or new equipment. The values of quality, responsibility, teamwork, integrity, and knowledge all help guide our thought process in creating an optimized electro-mechanical component or box-build assembly for your business.

Certified On-Site Technicians & Engineers

NPI Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified company. This guarantees customers receive products of the highest quality that improve efficiency and reduce costs. NPI utilizes flexible real-time systems and modern information technology to develop world-class products. In addition to ISO certifications, members of our team are UL-Standard certified which ensures all work is performed safely and effectively by following industry-accepted and standardized skills NPI customers can trust.

Furthermore, NPI Solutions maintains an IPC-620 certification which defines quality standards for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. The 620-level certification has become a stalwart of quality benchmarks for the industry surrounding the manufacture, use, and installation of cable or wire harness assemblies. Each one of these individual certifications is a significant achievement, but by obtaining all of these accreditations NPI Solutions sets itself apart from the competition.

Available Range of On-Site Service

Located in Morgan Hill, California, NPI Solutions offers immediate repair, refurbishment, and upgrade services of electro-mechanical components to customers within several hours’ driving distance of our facility. As previously mentioned, you do not need to be an existing NPI Solutions customer to qualify for these urgent on-site visits from technicians and engineers. Our team is happy to listen to your challenges, devise efficient solutions, implement the optimized technology, and provide long-term support through provided technical product documentation. While on-site visits are often the only workable solution to adequately troubleshoot pressing concerns, consultations through phone and email are possible. Although logistical concerns can arise, specific electro-mechanical components or assemblies can be shipped directly to our facility for further analysis and technical work. Please contact our team via phone at 408-944-9178 or by email at info@npisolutions.com and we will be happy to work with you.